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Coat rack

To make your coats stand out

Want a different design!

The attachante is a wall mounted coat rack, made in France, which will become a practical choice to hang your long coats or jackets high or clothes within reach of children. If you are looking for originality and practicality, the attachante will be perfect in your entrance to create the wardrobe of your dreams, in the children's room to hang their clothes at their height.

The attaching will fit perfectly in each room of your interior according to your desires, whether your walls are upholstered, panelled or painted... Your living space will be personalized and will fit perfectly with your style thanks to our various colors.

At what height should I place my coat rack?

Depending on the length of your jackets, the wall coat rack is adjustable to your needs. We advise you to position it between 170 cm and 190 cm from the ground for an adult coat, and between 100 cm and 150 cm for a child's coat, depending on the age of your children.

To which atmosphere does the coat rack fit?

Whether you are vintage contemporary, industrial, sleek, you'll find the perfect fit. We offer a wide range of colors (aluminum, brass/gold, duck blue, flamingo pink).

Can I put the coat rack in any room of the house?

No room will resist to the attaché, not even the humidity of the bathroom.

Where is your coat rack made?

In France, but more precisely in the Sarthe at La Ferté Bernard.

What weight can your coat rack support?

The maximum recommended weight is 3kgs, which corresponds to the weight of a heavy coat with full pockets.

In which materials can I fix your coat rack?

You can fix your coat rack directly in the plasterboard or in all types of materials thanks to the multi-material support in wood, metal or concrete.