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L'Attachante is EASY...

Screwed on by hand

L'ATTACHANTE fixings are screwed in by hand in a plasterboard wall or ceiling (BA13 type). A low installation effort for a high possible load!


And it works too into your BConcrete, Brick, Parpaing, Tile.... Simply drill a small hole (diameter 8mm) and insert a plastic dowel (diameter 8mm). Then you can screw the Attachante by hand!


But also, in your softwood or melamine walls, you have to drill a small hole (diameter 3mm) and then screw the fixing (without dowel) by hand.


In less than a minute your decoration is hung!

Without tools

The drill, the drill bit, the dowel, the piton replaced by the fastener of THE ATTACHER.

No tools such as hammers or screwdrivers are needed.

No need for a drill or screwdriver.

No need for a peg.

--> No risk of being blocked by a rail behind the partition.


A reliable, aesthetic and... Made in France solution!


And the weight?


All of our fasteners (Hook, Board and Deco) can withstand a load of 10kg on the wall and 8kg on the ceiling.


All fasteners and hooks (hooks, coat hooks, etc.), which are clipped onto the hook fastener, can withstand a load of 3kg (wall and ceiling).


Your shelf will withstand a load of 8kg when placed on our brackets & shelf supports.


The concept: Clip a Fastener or a Hook from the L'ATTACHANTE range onto the Hook Fixation!


An innovation to meet the expectations of DIY.

Innovative, high-tech design for ultra-simple use.

Accessible to non-tinkerers.


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